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Welcome to Hamsa018 Custom Embroidery Store.

On this page you will find the designs I currently offer

for sale in the table below.  Contact me today at:






5 petal flower black

Cho - Butterfly


Grape Leaf


Bamboo leaves and blossoms


Kiri or Paulownia

Kiri or Paulownia


Two Japanese cranes black

Two Japanese Cranes black and white

Three leaves all white

Three leaves white with black veins

Takagawa - three oak leaves all white

Takagawa - three oak leaves white with black veins

Ivy 2

Blossom 2

Three leaves with flowers all black

Yabane - Japanese Arrow (feathers)

Blossom diamond


Bamboo leaves and seeds all black

Bamboo leaves and seeds white and black

Golden Japanese Miniature Maple Leaf

White Mon or Crest Ring




Here you will find attention to detail and that personal touch!  We specialize in hard-to-find or custom- digitized machine embroidery and designs. 


As always, all items are made by me with love in the U.S.A. and come from a smoke-free home!


We have many designs to choose from including:  Animals, such as:  African Animals, Pets; Cats, dogs, horses, chickens, etc., Wild Animals such as:  Birds, Deer, etc., Insects such as:  Butterflies, Moths, a Bee,  Flowers:  Many different kinds such as: Roses, Daffodils, Iris, Leaves, and many Baby-related designs such as:  Cartoons, Clowns, Animals, Dinosaurs, etc.




                                                                                                   Cornucopia with Food


                                       Bird of Paradise                                                                                                         Kudu


The above pieces were manually digitized by me and then sewn out or embroidered onto felt using my Janome embroidery sewing machine.


If there is a design we don't have, send a picture of it to me, non copyrighted, and I can personally manually digitize it so that it can be embroidered on the item of your choice!


Additionally, if you would like a custom digitized design that you can embroider using your embroidery machine, I can make this for you, too, as long as you can receive very large email attachments and have a program such as winzip to unzip files.  Contact me for a free zip/unzip program you can download online.  In this case you will also need the computer software that allows you to use machine embroidery digitized designs with your sewing machine or embroidery machine.



Formats available:

Bernina/Brother/Babylock/Simplicity (PES)
Elna (EMD)
Generations (VST)
Janome (JEF)
Janome/New Home (older models) (SEW)
Melco Premier (EXP)
Pfaff Mac (PCM)
Pfaff (PCS)
Singer (XXX)
Tajima (DST)
Toyota (10O)
Viking (HUS)
Viking (SHV)


Contact me today at:


Hamsa018, Kathleen Golden, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012